Architectural Metalwork

Pattern & Toolmaking

We design and make tooling for many casting and moulding processes:
  • Foundry Patterns for sand casting
  • Gravity Die tools
  • Vacuum form tooling
Our capabilities range from skilled patternmakers working at the bench on traditional wooden foundry patterns, to modern CNC controlled mills and routers converting 3D CAD files into machined profiles for foundry patterns, vacform tools. Our facilities include CNC milling of complex 3D shapes.

Concept To Production

We can take your concept, whether it is a CAD design (IGES, DXF or DWG formats) or on the back of an envelope (any format) and advise on tooling design. In fact, we'd like you to involve us while your design is taking shape because we can advise on choosing materials and making the design easy to manufacture.

3D Modelling & Machining Software

We have recently installed 3D modelling and machining software to enable us to fully model and visualise complete mould tools.

Using 3D CAD/CAM software we can create or import 3D models which can be viewed and if necessary modified on screen. We can then build a modelled mould tool around the outside on the computer.

The mould tool components can then be exported as 3D data to our CNC machine which generates a cutter path allowing us to machine a mould or a pattern (or 'plug') for a mould in MDF, resin modelboard or aluminium.

Although we have invested heavily in our CAD/CAM facility, we are still happy to work from rough sketches or even a worn out part of a classic car or boat.