Architectural Metalwork


We offer a full range of manufacture services inhouse ranging from pattern making, casting and machining through to fabrication, assembly, and patination. Our one stop shop service is ideal for all types of architectural metalwork projects ranging from bespoke one offs through to high volume production.

Our principle manufacturing services can be found detailed on the following pages:


Our facilities offer a complete range of machining services using the latest in CNC technology including CNC Milling and CNC Turning in multiple axis with offline programming and solid model capability.


We offer a full metal fabrication service including welding, forming and fixing. This work can be carried out at our facilities or on site.


Full benchwork services including hinge assembly, spring loading and inserting can be carried out as required.

Surface Treatment

A full range of patination services can be offered inhouse. Other services such as powder coating, electroplating and anodising is readily carried out using local service providers.