Architectural Metalwork


Because of the nature of bronze and its historical significance the conservation market is a major area for us.

Listed Builidings require permission from the local planning authority (who typically consult the relevant central government agency, particularly for significant alterations to the more notable listed buildings) before any alterations are made, and in many cases permission will be granted on condition that like for like materials and styles are used. In practice this means replaceing windows, railings and balconies with exact matches.

Listed Buildings

There are over 350,000 listed buildings in the UK listed as either grade I, II or III. The origin of listed buildings dates back to the second world war when buildings were being destroyed by bombs. The objective was to identify buildings that warrented repair and rebuilding. We have carried out several projects on listed buildings and can assist with planning applications and best practice.

Stately Homes

There are over 500 stately homes in the UK which were built between the mid-16th century and the early part of the 20th century. They are managed mainly by private trusts or government agencies such as English Heritage, the National Trust, Treasure Houses of England and The Landmark Trust. We have considerable experience with working cloely with a number of stately home bodies on the replacement of windows, railings and associated features.

Conservation Areas

There are 8000 conservation areas in the UK as designated by the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (Section 69 and 70). Similarly to listed building regulations the modification of these types of buildings is subject to planning permission and often involve features such as windows, gates, railings and plaques. This is a new area for us and we are always willing to supply bespoke bronzework for restoration projects.

Monuments, Sculptures & War Memorials

We have considerable experience in work with monuments, sculptures and in particular war memorials. We work closely with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in the repair, replacement and commission of new projects and have done so for many years.