Architectural Metalwork


We can produce a wide range of chandlery items to specification. Based on the South coast in Lymington we have years of experience in the production of items such as propellors, deck fitting, portholes and dorades.

Working with bronze, brass, copper and aluminium we can supply chandlery items in large of small batches including sand and die cast components.


Working to engineering detail or even existing propellors we can cast one off and volume batches in marine grade materials. We have experience in the production of all types of propellors including two, three, four and five bladed propellors. Full machining and inspection can be carried out inhouse together with NDT and crack detaction where required.

Many other ancillary components such as Shafts, Rudders and P Brackets can also be supplied.

Deck Fittings

We have experience with a wide range of deck fittings including bespoke deck awning structures for luxury boats. All of these cast items benefitted from machining of mating faces and features such as threaded holes etc which were carried out by our large machine shop.

Renovations and Reverse Engineering

We have carried out work with a number of boatyards involved in renovating older boats. With a selection of Gunmetals, Aluminium and Manganese Bronze we have created many authentic replacement components based on original components. Nothing is to small or complex for us to handle.