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Architectural Metalwork

Case Studies - Castle Handrail - Cast Bronze

Title: Castle Handrail - Cast Bronze.
Client: Private - Ireland.
Architect: Christopher Smallwood.
Type of works: Bronze handrail.


The main objective of this project was to manufacture and install a bronze handrail through three floors incorporating a section of stair tread suspended from the handrail.

GFJ was involved at a very early stage of the design, working architect, structural engineer and main contractor to progress the project over a number of years as part of a major redevelopment. At the floor slab stage GFJ provided computer generated templates for the pre-cast concrete fixings so that structurally sound fixings could be achieved and the need for excessive drilling could be avoided.

Quality as always was paramount, with this type of work, at every stage to arrive at the required result; each section was assembled in our factory prior to shipping to Ireland for installation. Once installed, the whole staircase handrail was patinated to the customer's instructions.

This project is one of the largest projects we have been involved with and required a sustained involvement over a number of years and has led us to work with the client on several other projects.

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