Architectural Metalwork


Railings form a substantial bulk of our work. Working primarily with Bronze and Aluminium we can undertake full design, manufacture and installation. Based on years of experience we can offer a full range of design ideas based on historic styles and trends including Edwardian and Victorian through to modern and contemporary.

Much of our work involves working for architects who have their own design methodology, and as such we are fully experienced in presenting design realisation and progress reports, advising on best practice for manufacture and strength.

Public & Private

Our experience in railing design, manufacture and installation covers all areas including high profile public locations such as Trafalger Square and st Pauls Cathedral through to private residences and gardens. Bronze offers a stong, corrosion resistent product suited to the harshest of environments, in particular, marine environments and so is suited for sea front environments, peirs and of course the marine sector.

Sharp Detail

Because Bronze expands just before it sets it is often used for its sharp detail, critical in creating elaborate and ornate scrolls, motifs and floral patterns.

Aluminium Railings

Aluminium railings are cheap, light and resistent to corrosion. When painted they can be used to replace any other material type including Bronze, Iron and Stainless steel. Many London Railings are painted black, a tradition established after the death of Prince Albert and continued up until the second world war. It is interesting to note that prios to Alberts death, London railings were typically painted bright happy colours such as red, yellow, blue and green.