Architectural Metalwork


We use C38500 Architectural Bronze for vitually all purposes although other Bronze alloys can be used including C22000 Commercial Bronze, C28000 Muntz Metal and C23000 Red Brass, and Aluminium Bronze where required.

Bronze is a highly decorative material with a naturally gold colour when cut or cast, it gradually acquires a 'patina' of darker oxidation on exposure to air, or green copper salts in maritime envoronments. This appearance can be artificially accelerated by a process known as 'patination' so that newly made items can be given an appearance of age.

Plaques, Statues & Works Of Art

Bronze is an exceptional material for plaques, statues and works of art due to the way it expands when cooling, providing a crisp sharp finish. Over the years, GF James have carried out many memorial plaques and monument detail including a considerable volume of work for the War Graves Commission as well as name plates for presigeous companies.

Intricate Detail

Indian Hindu artisans from the period of the Chola empire in Tamil Nadu, used bronze to create intricate statues via the lost wax casting method with ornate detailing depicting the Gods of Hinduism mostly, but also the lifestyle of the period. The art form survives to this day, with many silpis, craftsmen, working in the areas of Swamimalai and Chennai. We here at EDL Architectural Metalwork can offer commercial lost wax casting as a service.

Bronze Aging

Bronze, brass and copper can be chemically treated to make the surface look as if it has been exposed to the elements for many years. A variety of different effects can be created by the use of different chemicals, waxes etc., a process known as 'patination'. Some typical effects are shown in the chart below (pictures courtesy of Copper Development Association).

High Value

Bronze is a high value material and is often stolen for its scrap metal price. This means placement should be considered carefully for security reasons.