Architectural Metalwork

Bronze Cast Windows

Bronze was a commonly used material in many early window sets during the 19th century and even into the early 20th century, due to its ease of manufacture and dureability. Bronze windows are still commonly found in listed buildings and period properties. EDL Architectural Metalwork have the skills and expertise to replace old Bronze windows like for like, matching every exacting detail right down to the finges, claps and handles.

Listed Building Regulations

It is a requirement that any replacement of windows in a listed building be carried out in such a manner as not to alter or affect the character or appearance of a listed building. This often requires exact replicas of the original design, as described by the Local Planning Authority through whom listed building consent is required before work can be carried out. EDL Architectural Metalwork have the skills and experience to offer full replacement of Bronze window sets, including design, demonstration, manufacture and installation.