Brass Casting UK


We offer a full range of Brass to suit most purposes. Below are a range of common materials, however, we are happy to handle any type of commercially available Brass ingots.
  • Admiralty brass
  • Aich's alloy
  • Alpha brasses
  • Alpha-beta brass
  • Aluminium brass
  • Arsenical brass
  • Beta brasses
  • DZR brass
  • High brass
  • Leaded brass
  • Low brass
  • Muntz metal
  • Naval brass
  • Rich low brass
  • Tonval brass
  • White brass
Some of the more common materials are described below.

Admiralty Brass

Contains 30% zinc, and 1% tin which inhibits dezincification in most environments.

Aluminium Brass

Contains aluminium, which improves its corrosion resistance. It is used in Euro coins (Nordic gold).

High Brass

Contains 65% copper and 35% zinc, has a high tensile strength and is used for springs, screws, and rivets.

Muntz metal

Is about 60% copper, 40% zinc and a trace of iron, used as a lining on boats.

Naval Brass

Similar to admiralty brass, is 40% zinc and 1% tin.