Architectural Metalwork

3D Design

We can offer full inhouse design for both engineering and artistic projects using state of the art CAD. We can import and export most formats including IGES, DWG, DXF, and DRG files as well as working to sketches and customer visualisations.

3D design allows for visualisation of components and the production of component based engineering drawings combined with bills of materials etc.

Designing in 3D

Todays modern software systems allow us to do so much more than traditional 2D or even pen and paper systems allowed. Automation of tagging, component libraries, material references, and visual textures allows us to do so much more.

The mind thinks in 3D and it is only fitting that we use design tools that work in 3D. Modern 3D tools allow us to use building blocks, billets, tubes, castings and to assemble them, cut sections, threads and bores and then generate 2D detail drawings for manufacture or generate direct CAD/CAM files for machine control.

Designing in 3D allows us to communicate more readily with the client who might not otherwise fully understand traditional 2D drawings or 3rd and projections. By presenting designs in 3D we can better communicate with customers, saving time and money.